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  • Excellence in nurturing lifelong learners with entrepreneur characters based on Christian Values

Mission :

  • To encourage students to apply ethical, moral, and family values in spirit of international awareness to be responsible global citizen on Christian values
  • To build a community nurturing the development of lifelong learners with Entrepreneur characters

Who we are?

It all began with a sense of social awareness on neglected children who have no parents and adequate houses that touched Drg. Strela to establish an orphanage named Panti Asuhan Padang Gembala in 1998. The desire to give the best education for her foster children had finally turned her noble aspiration to establish a school.

Platinum Generation is one of the uniqueness in Stella Maris School. This program is an advanced developing program for children where it involves a good correlation between the children as students, school and parents. There are three steps to support and achieve the qualified Platinum Generation, such as :

  • Successful Life Plan, Students are educated to have purpose/goals in their lives and through fingerprint test they can explore their best potential in themselves. 
  • Winner Mindset, Students are educated to have positive mindset and winning mentality, besides that, they are educated to have unyielding spirit, keen in looking at opportunities, and dare to face challenges.
  • Good Learning Habits, Through speed reading, mind mapping, and memory technique conducted daily, students are educated to have good learning habits so they love they learning process and know the right learning techniques.

Besides, Stella Maris also give entrepreneurship education to students from the early age and develop 14 characters of an entrepreneur. Through this program, Stella Maris is going to create generations which is not only intelligent but also knowledgeable, have a spirit of leadership, ready for the global challenges and have the entrepreneurship ability. 


Stella Maris have two curriculums, National and International 

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